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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Health This Spring

The days are getting longer and the mornings are brighter - Spring is nearly here! You’re probably super excited for the warmer months, but the thought of wearing summer dresses and shorts might be a bit daunting. Never fear! Here’s a 5-step guide to start your summer-wellness mission.

1. Get up 20 minutes earlier and head outside

Twenty minutes is nothing right? Wrong! It can make all the difference, and help you kickstart your health and fitness for spring. Whether you go for a walk to get a coffee, head to the park and go on the swings, go for a run or even sit outside with a cup of hot water, starting the day outdoors can have a hugely positive affect on your mindset and mental health.

Tip: Go for a walk, even just a short one, and you’ll find not only does it kickstart your summer cardio regime, it also does wonders for your mindset.

how to get healthy for spring

2. Boost your energy with spring produce

Finally! Spring produce is popping up meaning luscious tomatoes are on the shelves, asparagus is nearly here and stone fruits are on their way! Change up your lunch and instead of bringing last night’s leftover pasta to work, try making a super quick salad. 

Tip: Throw some cherry tomatoes in a tupperware with raw asparagus, cut capsicum, baby spinach, balsamic and some aoli. Add tuna in olive oil at lunchtime (or keep it completely veggie) and give it a shake when you’re ready to eat. You'll be adding extra nutrients to your diet and avoiding the 3pm slump thanks to the organic energy.

3. Get more vitamin D to boost your mood

If you suffered from the blues this winter, you’re not alone. A lack of vitamin D can have a huge effect on your mood. Finally there’s more sunlight hours though, so try to sit outside for at least ten minutes per day to get your Vitamin D fix. 

Tip: Your skin will probably be super sensitive to the sun after being under a million warm layers, so don’t forget to use some sunscreen, or a BB cream with sunscreen in it already.

Catching some rays at Bob's Cove, Queenstown

Catching some rays at Bob's Cove, Queenstown

4. Spruce up your activewear collection

If you’ve lost a bit of motivation to workout this winter, don’t worry. Now’s the time to get back on track and get moving again! A great motivator is beautiful activewear, so why not pick up just one new piece to motivate you. You’ll be dying to wear your new leggings/jacket/tank top so you won’t miss your next yoga class.

Tip: My fave brands at the moment are The Upside, Lorna Jane, P.E Nation and Kinki

I was thrilled to meet this amazing woman Kinki, founder of beautiful Chinese brand Kinki Activewear and creator of yoga empire K Yoga.

I was thrilled to meet this amazing woman Kinki, founder of beautiful Chinese brand Kinki Activewear and creator of yoga empire K Yoga.

5. Get those niggling pains sorted

Have you had knee pain, back pain or a niggly injury that’s bothered you throughout winter? Now’s the time to get it fixed! Head to a good Physiotherapist to get your injury sorted so you can achieve your fitness goals this summer. Whether you want to run a half marathon, play with your kids more or simply walk up the stairs to work, long-term injuries can negatively affect your mindset and put you off activity. 

Tip: Don’t be the girl who says “I can’t, I have a bad knee,” be the girl who gets it sorted, and start with what you can do, with a plan to get moving and improve. You can do it!

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