Wellness Retreat Creation & Hosting for Hotels

Treat your guests to a day, week, or month of bliss by offering a wellness retreat program created, and hosted by me, Caitlin Reid.

I can create a wellness retreat designed just for your unique guests. It can include everything from gentle movement classes to Pilates, stretching, meditation, individual treatments, sumptuous food, cooking workshops, mindful eating seminars and much more.

Contact me to learn how I can help your hotel offer an inspiring, personalized wellness events now!

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What people say about my retreats

The day was fabulous! I met some great ladies from all over the country, and everyone was there with the same intention a: to treat themselves and b: to learn more about what it takes to live a truly healthy and balanced existence.

Caitlin was an addictively 'positive' and 'bubbly host with good knowledge and a lovely manner of sharing that knowledge to inspire us all. I had a truly memorable and relaxed day and I'd recommend it to anyone considering a bit of "me" time to rejuvenate.


“Caitlin was bubbly and positive and everything taught was thoughtful and backed by scientific evidence. I would definitely recommend an Aprive Wellness retreat to those who want to relax and reset themselves!"

- Lucy M