Wellness Hotel Program Creation

Imagine a product designed to inspire & engage your guests while transforming their health

If you’re a hotel or accommodation brand wishing to become synonymous with luxury wellness, I can help with:

  • In-house wellness products

  • Wellness Retreat creation and hosting

  • Digital wellness products

Let your guests become the version of themselves they wish to be. They'll thank you for it.

Brands I’ve worked with:

Meet Caitlin Reid: Corporate Health & Wellness Professional & Physiotherapist

Hi there! I'm Caitlin and my mission is to make wellness fun and inspiring through retreats and experiences. 

Let me help your brand join the exciting world of wellness with a professional, high quality and balanced approach.

Wellness Consulting: What I do

1. In-House Wellness Product creation to increase your target audience.

  • In-room wellness, coaching and movement videos

  • Speaking and seminar engagements

  • Pillow and mattress menus

  • Wellness concierge creation

  • Pre-check-in wellness screening creation

  • & more

2. Retreat-hosting to entice wellness travelers to choose your brand

my retreats are always sold out, offering boutique wellbeing experiences

Movement, seminars, nutrition, fabulous food, meditation, and tailor-made treatments. My wellness retreats are unlike any other.

3. Digital wellness products & wearable data integration

IMAGINE offering your guests access to your branded wellness products long after they have left their suite

Digital products from tailor-made videos to follow-up Teleconference appointments using wearable technologies.

hotel wellness

Benefits for your brand

Become a trusted wellness source

Innovate the hotel wellness market

Capitalise on the wellness Trend

By working with Aprivé Wellness to expand your hotel wellness services, you’re appealing to a wider market of travellers and increasing the dollar spend of your guests. You'll also ensure your brand retains relevance as the hotel, wellness and tech world continue to evolve.


  • Nearly 10 years practicing Physiotherapy & Wellness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness & Personal Training.

  • Wellness retreat host for 5 years

  • 15 years of Pilates experience

  • Visiting Practitioner at countless international wellness retreats

  • Holistic Wellness Coach for Spa Wellness Australia

  • Massage Therapy and personal training experience in Japan and Thailand

  • Global health experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand

  • Co-founder of The Queenstown Concussion Clinic

  • Founder & Director of Aprivé Wellness


Client groups Caitlin has worked with:

  • Travelling executives

  • Corporate groups

  • Olympic Athletes

  • Pre and post natal mothers

  • Elderly

  • Chronic pain sufferers

  • All Ages

My Instagram feed below: @aprivewellness