Best Natural Skincare of 2019

It’s that time of year again when I share some of my favourite natural and organic skincare and beauty products I’ve come across. From moisturizer to hair dye, here are my top picks!

Thanks to my retreats, jobs and events I’m lucky to try products and brands that are given to me - this doesn’t guarantee them a spot in this list. But please know I have worked with some of the brands mentioned below.

  1. Best natural moisturiser: Evolu: Active Age-Defence Protective Day Cream SPF30

    I have fair skin, and absolutely need sunscreen in my daily routine, and by using an SPF30 moisturiser, I don’t have to remember to put sunscreen on my face as well!


2. Best natural face oil: Samson & Charlie’s The Gift Blue Tansy & Marula Balancing Face Oil

I never used to use oil on my face for fear of breakouts, but this goodie has ingredients to hydrate and fight acne. Plus it smells so fresh.

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6. Best natural body wash: Only Good Awaken Body Wash

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7. Best natural hand cream: Pure Fiji Nourishing Hand Cream

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8. Best forest-friendly toilet paper: Who Gives A Crap Premium Toilet Paper

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10. Best natural skincare mini kit: Tailor Skincare Mini Kit

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