How to add Wellness to your Hotel

Imagine inspiring, engaging, and transforming the health of your guests

If you’re a hotel or accommodation brand wishing to become synonymous with luxury wellness, I can help with:

Let your guests become the version of themselves they wish to be. They'll thank you for it.

Meet Caitlin Reid: Physiotherapist & Wellness Professional

Blending my experience as a Physiotherapist, personal trainer and clinical Pilates instructor, I use evidence-based holistic strategies to design bespoke wellness products; from customised gym programs to in-room workouts, menu-matched products, wellness weekends and wellness concierge services.

Each exclusive product I create is tailored to engage and excite your unique clientele.

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in-house wellness products for hotels


  • Nearly 10 years practicing Physiotherapy & Wellness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness & Personal Training.

  • 15 years of Pilates experience

  • Visiting Practitioner at countless international wellness hotels

  • Holistic Wellness Coach for Spa Wellness Australia

  • Massage Therapy and personal training experience in Japan and Thailand

  • Global health experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand

  • Co-founder of The Queenstown Concussion Clinic

  • Founder & Director of Aprivé Wellness

Client groups Caitlin has worked with:

  • Travelling executives

  • Corporate groups

  • Olympic Athletes

  • Pre and post natal mothers

  • Chronic pain sufferers

  • All age groups