How to add Wellness to your brand

Imagine a product that could inspire, engage, and change the lives of your guests, forever.

As a Physiotherapist and wellness consultant, I blend inspiring wellbeing with evidence-based health to help your guests live the life they long for. A happier, healthier life.

If you’re a hotel or accommodation brand wishing to become synonymous with luxury wellness, I can help with inspiring wellness retreats, social strategies and in-house products. I've worked with the world's leading wellness resorts around the world, and can help you craft a wellness product to rival them.


Meet Caitlin Reid: Physiotherapist & Wellness Professional

Blending my experience as a Physiotherapist, personal trainer and Pilates professional, I use evidence-based holistic strategies to design bespoke wellness products; from customised gym programs to in-room workouts, menu-matched products, wellness weekends and wellness concierge services.

Each exclusive product I create is tailored to engage and excite your unique clientele.

Check out my recent wellness events: @aprivewellness

Wellness Consulting Services

1. In-room wellness

products that linger in a guest's mind long after they've checked out of their suite.

I can help you engage the modern traveler with innovative, fun and inspiring in-room wellness products from videos to menu matching and wellness guides.

Modern guests want constant access to wellness, but for those who prefer privacy during their workouts, they’re left feeling nervous and intimidated in group classes or at the hotel gym. Worse still, they’ll abandon their wellness goals, and be left feeling disheartened and disenchanted with their hotel experience. 

*Price unique to each project

2. Workshops & Speaking Engagements

events to inspire your guests to be the people they wish to be.

With fun and engaging presentations and workshops built on years of experience, I can help your brand gain credibility in the wellness world.

Wellness travellers are dominating the tourism industry, and your brand can appeal to them by offering an exciting wellness workshop or presentation.

As a health professional I have nearly ten years working with clients to help everyone live happier, healthier lives, and am always eager to share messages about effective health, wellness and fitness. I blend fun with facts to create engaging presentations, and have done this successfully at venues in Australia and New Zealand on a range of topics.

*Price unique to each project

3. In-House Wellness Program Creation

imagine a space where motivation reigns, leaving guests empowered and inspired to live their best life.

Hotel gyms are no longer enough for modern travellers. By engaging Aprivé Wellness to scope, examine and improve your wellness service offerings, you will help establish your brand as a leader in luxury wellness.

Modern travellers want personalised, luxurious services, and they don’t want to abandon their wellness goals while they’re away. Under the umbrella of Aprivé Wellness, Caitlin works with Spa Consultants and other professionals to ensure everything from your menu to your pillow options, in-room wellness and workout options are innovative, effective and engaging for your guests. She can create bespoke products exclusively for your hotel or retreat.

in-house wellness products for hotels

In-House Wellness Consulting Pricing

1.Wellness Service Snapshot POA


  • Brief scoping of your current service offerings
  • Identify areas of improvement in your product
  • One-page presentation of scope findings and 5 step action plan

*Ideal for small retreats and accommodation brands

2. Wellness Service Analysis & Plan POA


  • Scoping of your current wellness service offerings
  • Pitching of new service offering options to increase dollar spend of your clientele
  • Action plan for wellness service development & implementation

3. In-House/On-Site Wellness Service Consulting POA


  • Consulting with Caitlin in-person at your hotel, retreat or accommodation brand
  • Detailed in-person scoping of your current wellness service offerings
  • Discussions with your current wellness staff and trainers
  • Pitching of new service offering options to increase dollar spend of your clientele
  • Creation of new service offering while Caitlin is in-house
  • On-site staff training with Caitlin
  • Long-term action plan for wellness service development

I can help your brand create a trusted, visible presence in the world of hotel wellness.


  • Nearly 10 years practicing Physiotherapy & Wellness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness & Personal Training.
  • 15 years of Pilates experience
  • Visiting Practitioner at Chiva Som, Thailand and Ananda Spa, India
  • Holistic Wellness Coach for Spa Wellness Australia
  • Massage Therapy and personal training experience in Japan and Thailand
  • Global health experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Co-founder of The Queenstown Concussion Clinic
  • Founder & Director of Aprivé Wellness

Client groups Caitlin has worked with:

  • Travelling executives
  • Corporate groups
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Pre and post natal mothers
  • Chronic pain sufferers
  • All age groups

Examples of programs I can design include: 


Wellness & Wine Weekends

From inspiring yoga, Pilates and wellbeing workshops, to wine cellar tours, wine tastings and healthy menu pairings, this exciting experience captures the delicate balance of wellbeing and indulgence. 

In-house Workout programs

Luxury travellers demand more than a simple gym workout, and I can create a bespoke in-house workout program just for your brand. Utilising my vast experience as a Physiotherapist and personal trainer, this product will be of the highest quality and an element of your services guests will remember long after they’ve checked out of their suites.