About Aprivé Wellness

I blend inspiring wellbeing with science to provide tangible, effective wellness solutions for individuals and hotel brands

What I do:

From in-house wellness products for hotels and resorts to retreat hosting and visiting practitioner services, I can help you or your brand join the exciting world of wellness.

Meet Founder Caitlin Reid: Physiotherapist & Health & Wellness Professional

Hi there! I'm Caitlin and my mission is to make wellness fun and inspiring through retreats and experiences. Our products utilise evidence-based science to help inform the health and wellbeing choices of people like you. 

Let Aprivé Wellness help you or your brand join the exciting world of wellness with a fun and balanced approach.

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Learn more about how Caitlin created Aprivé Wellness after breaking her back in her interview on US Podcast Wellness Force:

Brands I’ve Worked With:

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We live in a time of urgency and busyness but there are ways to live better.

I offer realistic, fun and effective health and wellbeing solutions for individuals and brands.

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Founder Caitlin Reid’s Experience:

  • Nearly 10 years practicing Physiotherapy & Wellness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness & Personal Training.

  • 15 years of Pilates experience

  • Visiting Practitioner at Chiva Som, Thailand, Ananda Spa, India and Viking Sun Cruise Ship

  • Holistic Wellness Coach for Spa Wellness Australia

  • Massage Therapy and personal training experience in Japan and Thailand

  • Global health experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand

  • Co-founder of The Queenstown Concussion Clinic

  • Founder & Director of Aprivé Wellness

  • Educated at University of Melbourne School of Physiotherapy and Trinity College, Melbourne.


Client groups We've worked with:

  • Travelling executives

  • Hotel staff

  • Corporate groups

  • Olympic Athletes

  • Pre and post natal mothers

  • Chronic pain sufferers

  • All ages


It All Started With Physio & A Broken Back

Aprivé Wellness isn't about me (Caitlin) It's all about you, and the incredible people I work with. However! This special company wouldn't be around if it weren't for this story...

Practicing Physiotherapy in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I encountered hundreds of clients who weren’t getting the results they needed from a single-minded medical approach. I knew there had to be more fun and enjoyable way for them to get better, and began blending mindset training, movement classes and holistic therapies with my medical and scientific knowledge. 


The patients who understood their conditions, joined Pilates and yoga classes, engaged in meditation or mindfulness activities and discussed their stresses and concerns with me made huge improvements over those who didn’t. Plus, they reported increased happiness, and were much less likely to end up with chronic pain than those who simply sought medical treatment. 


I knew I needed to share this holistic approach to wellbeing with the rest of the world, not just those who walked through the door at the Physiotherapy clinic, so I started Aprivé Wellness Ltd.


On boxing day in 2013, I broke my back in an accident. I burst the first vertebrae of my lower spine but thanks to the fracture type and my knowledge of the benefits of holistic medicine, I made a full recovery. In the few weeks while I was in a full back brace though, I was nauseous from the pain medication and frustrated.

I started Pilates one week later, and was at the gym every third day. I also went to a fun meditation and mindfulness class to help me overcome the frustration of having an injury (and wearing a very hot brace in the Australian summer!) 

Even though I was frustrated with my injury, I also felt so incredibly lucky: Not only because I would make a full recovery, but thanks to my professional knowledge, I knew what it would take to get back to my active life. I reflected on all the patients I’d treated who had told me they felt alone, frustrated with their medication and had no idea how to start their road to recovery and wellness.

I know first-hand what it’s like to experience a road-block in your life, whether it be an injury, work stress, or lack of motivation.

Thanks to both my professional experience working with clients around the world, plus my own personal experience of serious injury, I can help you or your brand with a realistic, balanced and motivational approach towards health and wellbeing.