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Queenstown Wellness Retreat - Huge Success!

Our September Retreat was Sold Out!

With 14 lovely guests from Queenstown, Wanaka and throughout Southland, our last public retreat was a huge success. So much so, we had to get out extra yoga mats for the extra numbers who booked last minute! Brilliant sunshine, breathtaking snow-capped mountains and a stunning venue in Gibbston made this retreat a real escape for our guests.

What do you do on a wellness retreat?

Our one-day retreat is all about YOU! You take as much out of it as you wish, blending laughs, great food and new friends with some handy tips to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion & Chia Puddings

First up, we started the day with a yoga/Pilates fusion class. Some guests were worried it would be cold outside, but thanks to the sun, everyone ended up in singlets and t-shirts!

Next guests enjoyed an exceptional chia pudding hand crafted by chef Fabien Simon of My Private Chef NZ. Cinnamon infused apple pieces, pineapple purée, gluten free granola and coconut chia pudding was mixed together to not only look incredibly beautiful, but it was really tasty.

Healthy Cooking Workshop with Fabien Simon

A first for our retreats, this new workshops was a huge hit. Talented French chef Fabien taught our guests cooking tips and simple ways to prepare nourishing food. He demonstrated how to make Pearl Barley Risotto with Greens & Parmesan, plus how to make kid-friendly Kumera Fritters. If you want the recipes, you'll have to come to our next retreat! All our guests are getting the recipes next week.

Wellness Retreat Lunch: Chef-made Salmon & Veggie Fritters

Lunch was truly divine, and very popular among our guests. Beautiful pieces of salmon, miso mayo, kumera and carrot fritters, broccoli and spinach coulis and salmon skin crackling was the most luxurious lunch we've had at an event yet. 

Mindfulness Walk & Beach Meditation

Our breathtaking venue was a ten minute stroll to the rushing Kawarau river, so we headed off on a mindfulness walk to the beach. With just one day to retreat, ten minutes of silence was welcomed by the guests, helping them think about themselves without the distractions of conversation.

Once down on the beautiful beach by the rushing river, we spent ten minutes doing simple meditation followed by a stress workshop. We chatted about the pressures of daily life, and the difficulties many people face when stress and poor self-esteem manifests itself in their lives as obsession with food or exercise. 

Stretch Class, Massage & Wine 

After strolling and chatting on the way back to our venue, the guests enjoyed a relaxing stretch class under the willow tree. Four ladies had pre-booked massages and made their way to quiet ends of the house to slip into bliss. The others enjoyed wine tasting: Organic wine by Carrick, and biodynamic wine by Quartz Reef. Don't worry, those who booked massages got wine afterwards!

We've had wonderful feedback from the day such as:

"I love your bubbliness and knowledge about what you do."

Such a huge thank you to all the women who came to this beautiful day, and of course thank you to Fabien Simon for his expertise. Thank you also to Neat organic perfumes, Hunter Gatherer Gourmet and The Herb Farm organic skincare for their beautiful gifts in the gift bags. 

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Queenstown Wellness Retreat Recap - June 18th

One day of bliss and escape: 10 women retreated to the stunning Taramea Passive House in Dalefield for our one-day locals Wellness Retreat on Saturday. From Gore, to Christchurch to Queenstown locals, the day was full of inspiring women dedicated to helping themselves live happier, healthier lives. 

Yoga/Pilates Fusion class

We started with some warm cups of chai or green tea (infused with lemon & ginger) then settled in for an hour long Pilates/yoga fusion class. With all levels of experience from regular yogis to first-timers, the class was a pleasure to teach, and I was so inspired with how hard each guest worked. Especially during the side planks!

Morning tea

Rich caramel, baby soft coconut cream and sumptuous chia mix; incredible chia puddings by Bespoke Kitchen, Queenstown. They were a huge hit with the guests!

Nutrition Workshop

From the cabbage diet to the blood type diet; most of our guests had tried a trendy diet before. This led us into the workshop where we debunked common myths around eating, food and nutrition, and I gave everyone tips on how to avoid the winter blues this winter.


Salads and mouth-watering soup made for a light, delicious lunch, thanks again to Bespoke Kitchen. One guest even mentioned the salads inspired her to make her lunch for work instead of buying salads. Perfect!

Goal Setting

I was so inspired by how engaged each guest was while creating goals and acknowledging the common obstacles around achieving change. The biggest was 'not enough time' - you'll have to attend one of our retreats to learn how to overcome that common obstacle!

Outdoor Breathing & Meditation

Breathtaking views of Coronet peak and rolling hills made for the perfect outlook for our deep breathing. After fully relaxing through deep breaths in the very mild winter temperatures, we headed back inside to the yoga mats for meditation. I was moved beyond words as I watched each guest sink into their calm. Most meditation classes I teach, at least one guest opens their eyes, shuffles around or loses concentration. This retreat though; everyone made the most of this rare chance to fully relax and retreat from the stress of everyday life. Afterwards, everyone told me they enjoyed the meditation and found it really easy to relax. Brilliant!

Organic Wine Tasting with Aurum (& optional massage)

The charismatic Lucie shared her experience as a wine maker for local organic winery Aurum during the wine tasting. As the women relaxed with cheese and wine, three of the guests made their way upstairs for their massages. Once they'd finished, Lucie started the tasting again just for them, but rather than run off home, all the other guests stayed and chatted at the venue. I was so thrilled watching as the guests got to know each other, all different ages and coming from a number of different home towns.

Once the last guest had made her way to her car to drive home, I couldn't help but smile as I remembered the happy hugs each guest had given me on their way out. These women had truly inspired me; their commitment to living their best lives, and looking after their bodies and minds created a palpable energy throughout the day, and everyone was smiling as they headed home.

If you wish to attend a day of bliss like this one, request a customised retreat for you and your friends, or just want to get in touch, contact me below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Thank you to our massage therapist Pao, and to the brands who supported this wonderful day: Kiwiherb, Sid & Jac, Goodbuzz Brewing (kombucha) Climate House NZ and Vudu Larder.