3 Tips to Eat Yourself Healthy & More with Niki Bezzant

With so many conflicting ideas about healthy eating clogging up the internet, it can be hard to know what to trust. So! We spoke to Niki Bezzant, Editor-in-Chief of the NZ Healthy Food Guide to help you discover the 3 ways to eat yourself healthy, plus other handy tips.

What should i eat to be healthy

1. What first made you interested in healthy food?

I’ve been interested in food all my life and have always been a cook. I cook because I love to eat! I love flavour.

how to be healthy

2. What does healthy eating mean to you?

Healthy eating means eating what makes me happy, and listening to my body. That means eating with awareness and pleasure, as well as giving my body what it needs to feel good. I don’t believe in deprivation or denial or guilt in association with any food.  

3. What's your favourite meal of all time?

Roast chicken, roast potatoes and green veggies, with beautiful home-made gravy. Can’t beat it. 

what should i eat to be healthy

4. What's the best thing about New Zealand produce?

We have an incredible natural environment here which produces incredible seasonal produce. I love coming up with new things to do with our beautiful seasonal vegetables.

5. What are you 3 top tips for healthy eating?

1. Don’t diet!

2. Cook as much as you can.

3. If in doubt, add vegetables.

6. What's your favourite treat for summer?

I love beautifully-prepared sashimi. Especially when it comes with a glass of champagne. 

what to eat in summer

See? Even the healthiest people understand balance is key. To learn more from Niki, check out her TedX talk below.

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