How to Stretch

Fitfluential Guest Post: 10 things you need to know about stretching

Aprivé Wellness was asked to write for international Fitness portal Fitfluential about the best ways to stretch. There's so much confusion about stretching, and everyone's yoga instructor, personal trainer and physio seem to recommend a different method. I wanted to dispel the myths, so I examined the newest evidence on stretching to answer the 10 most common questions my patients have asked me about this important pre and post exercise practice.

1.) Why do we stretch before sport?

To prevent injury and prepare for the activity you’re about to do. Stretching to increase flexibility and stretch connective tissue like in Bikram yoga and yin yoga is a different style of stretching.

2.) What is static stretching?

Static stretching is when you hold a stretch position without moving for around 30 seconds eg. Reaching toward your foot for a hamstring stretch.

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