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5 Ways To Improve Your Digestion this Winter

Most of us don't usually think about digestion until it gets our attention with tummy pain or uncomfortable bloating. ugh! 

In winter; overeating of heavy, rich foods can leave you feeling horrible. Never fear! You can escape the bloat!

Try these 5 tips to decrease bloating & discomfort this winter.

1. Hot Water & Lemon - Yes it Works

It helps make your system more alkaline, stopping acid reflux and helping your stomach dissolve your food. It also helps flush your liver, and stimulate peristalsis - the contraction of your intestines that moves food through your digestive tract.

Tip: It's a warm, fuzzy way to start the day, and less stimulating on your nervous system than coffee. 

why you should drink hot water and lemon

2. Eat Probiotics

In tablets, yoghurt, kombucha or sauerkraut, probiotics help keep your body’s delicate ecosystem of bacteria flourishing. This prevents ‘bad’ bacteria overtaking your system causing things like thrush. Probiotics also help boost your seratonin levels and mood! Read how. 

Tip: Try adding a curried sauerkraut to hot pumpkin soup this winter. I recommend the Amala Curry flavour by Be Nourished.

3. Try Chia Seeds & Psyllium Husks

These super foods are fibrous and help everything in your system keep...well...moving along. Try sprinkling some on your yoghurt or blend them up in a smoothie.

Tip: Chia puddings are all the rage; get a recipe from my interview for I am Co. You can even make hot chia puddings in winter!

4. Get Moving

Exercise helps aid digestion by increasing your body's blood flow, which your digestive tract needs to function. Try to make time for 30 mins of exercise a day (walking around the block counts!)

Tip: Yoga and indoor workouts work too if you don’t want to brave the cold in winter.

how to have healthy digestion

5. Decrease Your Stress Levels

When your body is stressed, you get stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ nervous system response. Your blood flows to your extremities and primes your muscles to help you run away from a bear, but it takes blood away from the digestive tract. Sadly, your intestines can’t function properly with low blood supply, and the movement of your intestines slows. Bits of food sit, unmoving in your intestines, causing gas, bloating and even IBS. Learn how to combat this here.

Tip: Try to avoid stressful situations (eg. a meeting with a difficult client) when your digestive system needs extra help like after lunch.

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