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The 10 Minute Workout To Ease Lower Back Pain

If you’re desk-bound most of the day, chances are you’ve experienced lower back pain. Check out these simple exercises to help ease discomfort in this area and enhance your workday. You can even do some of them right at your desk!

*Please remember, this article doesnt address all low back pain conditions, and always see a good Physiotherapist in conjunction with this advice.

Sitting and Our Spines

Our spines aren’t designed for a sedentary lifestyle, so sitting at a desk all day plays havoc on our lower backs, particularly when we have bad posture (which we can all be guilty of at 3pm!) Long periods of sitting puts pressure on the lumbar spine when unsupported and tightens the hip muscles, pulling the pelvis into a forward position, increasing the arch of the lower back and causing it to sway. A sway back is a vulnerable position for our spines, and causes pain that can become unbearable after a long day at a desk.

Instead of reaching for the painkillers, try this simple workout to ease your low back pain:

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