Why Getting Married in New Zealand is Taking the World by Storm

Wellness and weddings

As more people want to live better around the world, blending your dream wedding with relaxing, luxurious wellness experiences has become the ultimate wedding experience.

Post-yoga/Pilates posing with the bride at an Aprivé Wellness wedding retreat

Post-yoga/Pilates posing with the bride at an Aprivé Wellness wedding retreat

To celebrate the launch of our Healthy Hens and Wedding Wellness Retreats, I spoke to Jan of Pure NZ weddings. Get the inside scoop on new wedding trends, and why planning a destination wedding in New Zealand is the next big thing!

1.  What is the most popular wedding trend in NZ at the moment?

I'd say there are 2:


Our scenery is gorgeous, and many couples are already married in their own country but want to have their wedding photos taken with the spectacular backdrops only found in New Zealand.

Escaping the hassle of big family weddings

In New Zealand, couples can combine a romantic getaway and return with beautiful photographs of their marriage, while putting the money they save into a house.

2.      Why do you think people from overseas choose to get married in NZ? 

There are a few reasons:

·         It is so easy to get married here, the process is available online;

·         Same sex marriage is legal;

·         New Zealand consistently rates highly in travel sites for scenery, lifestyle, and adventure travel;

·         We have world class venues and spectacular and accessible scenery;

·         We have amazing wedding photographers all over the country to incorporate scenery and the classic romance of a wedding;

3. When is the busiest time to get married in New Zealand?

The busiest periods are those that clash with the domestic wedding season, from October to February, as well as a burst at Easter .

4.      What are up and coming trends in weddings in New Zealand? 

Couples who choose to escape to NZ for their wedding are making the most of off season and midweek pricing to help save them money.

Exclusive use options in venues that offer spa treatments and wellness options, like Aprivé Wellness Wedding Retreats, plus hair and makeup are getting more popular. These allow a couple to look relaxed and enjoy the whole lead up to their wedding ceremony; and if the family and friends are involved, this makes the whole wedding experience more fun.

The fun, healthy wellness retreat idea is a great way for families and friends to spend time together in a calm. relaxed setting, and perfect for the feel of a New Zealand wedding.

Yoga in paradise at an Aprivé Wellness wedding retreat

Yoga in paradise at an Aprivé Wellness wedding retreat

5.      What are your top 3 favourite wedding venues in New Zealand?

We have so many to suit every budget!

·         I love a bespoke wedding in a cute church for private hire like Wallaceville Church and Old St Pauls in Wellington!

·         But I am a big fan of Huka Lodge, Wharekauhau Country Estate for exclusive use or small parties; and I know it is more than 3 but

·         For a couple’s elopement wedding one close to Queenstown I love Jewel on Speargrass