Visiting Practitioner - Holistic Physiotherapy

Imagine offering your guests a way to move better and feel better in the safe hands of a health professional as they relax - that's Holistic Physiotherapy.

I've worked at the world's leading retreats; from Chiva Som Thailand to Ananda Spa, India. Let me help you create a retreat crafted from experiences from around the world.

From one-day retreats to visiting practitioner services, I can help your guests enjoy their stay to the utmost at your resort.

health and wellness retreat host

Meet Caitlin Reid: Retreat Host & Health & Wellness Professional

As a Physiotherapist and wellness consultant, I blend inspiring wellbeing with evidence-based health to help your guests live the life they long for. A better life.

Bespoke retreats at your hotel or venue can be created exclusively for your valued clientele.

Testimonial by Gregory Ugrin - Previous Spa Manager, Ananda in the Himalayas

When we were looking to bring in an expert physiotherapist for the Ananda Visiting Master program, Caitlin was a perfect fit. She is a well-rounded holistic wellness consultant, and was able to be resourceful in a destination spa setting. Her positive energy dazzled our guests and I found her to be a dedicated professional. (See original here)


  • Nearly 10 years practicing Physiotherapy & Wellness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand with a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness & Personal Training.
  • 15 years of Pilates experience
  • Visiting Practitioner at Chiva Som, Thailand and Ananda Spa, India
  • Holistic Wellness Coach for Spa Wellness Australia
  • Massage Therapy and personal training experience in Japan and Thailand
  • Global health experience in Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Co-founder of The Queenstown Concussion Clinic
  • Founder & Director of Aprivé Wellness

Client groups Caitlin has worked with:

  • Travelling executives
  • Corporate groups
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Pre and post natal mothers
  • Chronic pain sufferers
  • All Ages



"I attended Aprive's first wellness retreat and was very impressed by Caitlin Reid and the experienced team she put together. Caitlin was bubbly and positive and everything taught was thoughtful and backed by scientific evidence. 
Caitlin understands that wellness isn't all about regiments and I thought that the chill out session at the spa was a great idea. We also took home a great little pamper pack with natural skincare products, that was a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend an Aprive Wellness retreat to those who want to relax and reset themselves!"