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Aerobic Fitness Programs - Vital for Holistic Wellness

The modern wellness guest wants tranquility and the mental & physical benefits from cardio workouts- so why are curated aerobic fitness programs still missing from many wellness retreats and luxury hotels?



Aerobic Exercise - Ultimate Wellness for Mind & Body

Exercise that gets your heart pumping has benefits for both the mind and body. Thanks to countless studies, aerobic exercise has been proven to be a reliable aspect of the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression. Clearly, it's an instant mood elevator, but it has far more physical benefits than exercise that doesn't get your heart racing. While yoga and stand up paddle boarding might leave you feeling great, the long-term physical effects aren't as extensive. Don't get me wrong, yoga and Pilates have their very vital place in a wellness retreat, but their inclusion shouldn't mean the exclusion of aerobic exercise.

Strangely though, few wellness retreats offer carefully curated aerobic programs.

Wellness Consulting

Current retreat & hotel fitness offerings: Too generic

Many luxury wellness retreats and hotels offer you the options of hiking, stand up paddle boarding and yoga, but a personalised touch is the newest trademark of luxury travel. As a Physical Therapist and Wellness Consultant, I know no two people are alike even though they may have the same gender, background, and age.

These days many people feel pressure to be able to do a Bow Pose in yoga, hike to the mountain peak or do a plank in Pilates. When they can't live up to this pressure, they're left feeling isolated and incompetent - the opposite goal of a luxury retreat or hotel.

Whether they can't participate because of anxiety, injury, pain or fitness, wellness retreats need to offer personalised programs to motivate and challenge people in an inclusive way.
Wellness Consulting

A Modern Approach to Health Wellness Fitness

Your guests just want to relax and escape the stress in their lives - so why not offer a modern fitness program to leave them motivated, inspired and rejuvenated?

 Rather than a 'one size fits all approach' created by a general wellness curator, luxury guests demand professional yet evidence-based programs to challenge them, and teach them strategies they can take home.

Why not offer an 3 in-room workout videos to cater to different levels of fitness, or a simple 5-pose Pilates program? 

As a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, I can incorporate my medical background with holistic wellness strategies to create tailor-made programs for different luxury clients. These modern yet simple programs can really help motivate and inspire people during their stay and long after. Programs that can be created for your wellness resort:

Beach-side Retreats

  • Better cardio fitness in 10 days: an intensive program
  • Beach workout: abs, legs and glutes
  • Water fitness: Intensive workouts for pool and beach
  • Joint-friendly workout: Water & low impact fitness
  • Say goodbye to back pain

Remote Retreats

  • Balance and concentration workout for 50+
  • In-room workouts for low back pain
  • High intensity walking programs
  • Yoga for sore knees
  • Fitness program for anxiety, depression and stress

Mountain top/Winter Retreats

  • Après Ski Cool Down
  • Ski Fitness program
  • Optimal hiking fitness (Different programs for different age groups)

*All of these programs utilise elements of aerobic exercise to optimise mind and body wellness. They're not personalised per client, but they're unique enough to cater to your particular clientele.

Your guests deserve to achieve their wellness goals, and rather than offering stock standard programs that may leave your guests injured or anxious, by consulting with professionals with backgrounds in sports science and biomechanics like Aprivé Wellness, you create an inclusive, safe and personalised wellness service.

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Fitness is an inconspicuous luxury recently published an article that said "wellness has become an important part of the luxury lifestyle," and the article's focus was fitness clubs like Soul Cycle and Barry's Bootcamp.  The article goes on to say that not only does fitness help you look and feel good, it's also a way for high earners to make more inconspicuous luxury purchases. 

"If five years ago it was a Céline bag, today’s ultimate status symbol might just be a SoulCycle hoodie and a green juice."

Now, more than ever, luxury guests are demanding the worlds of indulgent luxury merge with functional fitness. 

Do you need help creating inspiring, safe fitness programs for your retreat or hotel? 

Aprivé Wellness goes to Crown Spa

Melbourne's Ultimate Indulgence: Crown Towers Aqua Retreat

Do you ever crave a mental health day, but need more than an hour-long massage? Melbourne's Crown Casino is infamous, but the Crown Towers' Aqua Retreat deserves its own fame too. Instead of rushing through a treatment at a day spa, treat yourself by booking a day at the Aqua Retreat.

I spent a day here with my sister, and we were both so impressed with the luxury and affordability of the spa facility service, we couldn't believe we hadn't done it sooner!

Spa Review: Why Crown Spa is the Epitome of Wellness

A Gym with a View

After paying to use the spa's facilities, you can head to the gym for a workout. The cardio equipment has the best view in the house, looking out over the Grecian-style lap pool, complete with towering columns. These architectural elements conjure memories of the stunning Venetian hotel in Vegas.

Aqua Retreat - Hammam & Vitality Pool

Let go, and let the whirling waters of the Vitality Pool warm you from the inside out, relaxing every muscle in your body. The rushing water gently massages you, stimulating blood flow to your muscles, preparing you for the relaxing still waters of the hammam.

Image: Crown Melbourne

Image: Crown Melbourne

Steam Room and Swiss Shower

Lie down and relax in the luscious steam room. Built to cater to even the busiest days, there's plenty of room for multiple guests, and silence is recommended by the staff. Lie down on the mosaic tiled benches, and breathe deeply as your pores are cleansed naturally. Wash off the excess moisture in the Swiss Shower as you swap your bikini for your Crown robe, and prepare to unwind in much-appreciated silence.

Crown Spa Lounge

Not the drawcard for many, but one of my favourite elements of the spa was the modern yet private lounge. Beautiful chaises are separated by a curtain, allowing you to sit and read your favourite book or the magazines provided while you sip the complimentary herbal tea. After the warmth and comfort of the Aqua Retreat, this is the perfect time for you to take a moment for yourself, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try not to fall asleep!

Image: Crown Melbourne

Image: Crown Melbourne

At any time throughout your day of relaxation, you can book a facial or massage treatment, but it's nice to know you don't have to if you just wish to relax in your own time.

Using A Spa's Facilities - The New Day Spa Experience

Like many other wellness fans, I love day spas, particularly those in hotels, and this is one of my favourites. Paying to use the facilities of a spa is a new service many luxury spas are offering, a service that affords you a full day to pamper yourself, clear your mind, and treat yourself to a time out. It's also a fun activity to do with friends or family, and as the men's and womens' facilities are separate, it can give you and your partner both an indulgent yet individual day of relaxation.

Image: Crown Melbourne

Image: Crown Melbourne

Check in soon for another spa feature on my favourite spas from around the world!