Motatapu 2016

Motatapu 2016 Queenstown, NZ

If the phrase Ultra Run makes your stomach churn, you're not the only one.  If luxury relaxation, low impact exercise, a fun nutrition workshop and a beautiful mountain top setting is more to your taste, the Queenstown Wellness Retreat on March 5th is your ultimate day out.

Motatapu Isn't for Everyone

Mountain biking through mud, running around mountain tops and the feeling of your heart tearing through your chest may be your worst nightmare. It might feel like you're the only one who doesn't like adventure races, but you're not! There are plenty of people who prefer low impact, gentle and inspiring exercise, so why not join them for your own healthy day out?

What to do on Motatapu weekend

The Benefits of Low Impact Exercise

You don't have to run up a cliff to be healthy. Health and wellness is about finding what works for you! If you like to get a workout without hammering your knees, and prefer to be calm rather than feel your breathe rattle through the cold, a wellness retreats' yoga/pilates fusion class is a great way to workout. Rather than a gruelling cardio workout, these yoga/Pilates classes work on your balance, core strength and overall toning.

Tips to Eat For Your Weight

You know how to eat healthy right? We all do, but somehow we just don't. The interactive nutrition workshops at a wellness retreat teaches you how to make healthy eating the easiest choice for you. You'll learn things like how to make tasty, healthy salad dressings and how to create deliciously decadent smoothies to inject superfoods into your diet without compromising on taste.

Luxury in Queenstown

Nothing beats a spa day. The soothing waters of a hot tub, calming steam room, refreshing sauna and gentle cool of the plunge pool at the luxurious Nugget Point Boutique Hotel & Spa can't be beaten. You'll enjoy these luscious features in the last two hours of your wellness retreat, leaving you calm, refreshed and ready for your perfect Saturday night. If you crave a champagne or wine finish, you can head to the bar at this beautiful hotel to end your retreat day.

Photos: Queenstown Life

Best Vegetarian Food in Queenstown

Your lunch at this wellness retreat is handcrafted by the top chefs at Nugget Point Boutique Hotel & Spa. From filling, delicious salads jam-packed full of nutritious goodies to a cheese board (because life's about balance) you'll find the best vegetarian food in Queenstown at our retreats. You'll also stay energised mid-way through the day with a chia-seed filled smoothie.

Photos: Queenstown Life

What to do on Motatapu Weekend

Choose your own adventure, and pamper yourself with an inspiring wellness retreat at Nugget Point Boutique Hotel. Forget mud, cliff running, crowds and hammering your knees and joints, choose a gentle, motivating and beautiful day out. You'll see the best views in Queenstown, eat tantalising food, get a gentle workout and treat yourself to luxury relaxation.

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