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Viking Sun - What it's like as a visiting practitioner on the world's best cruise ship

Earlier in 2018 I was invited to be a visiting practitioner on the Viking Sun Cruise ship for part of its maiden voyage around the world from the USA  to Sweden.

Floating Oasis with a Liv Nordic Spa

As soon as I stepped onboard the brand new ship, I was blown away by the huge open lobby, breathtaking staircase and clean Scandinavian design of the ship.

The Explorer's lounge on Viking Sun

The Explorer's lounge on Viking Sun

Gleaming white floors led the way to the light blue carpet of reception where I checked in, and was promptly walked to the spa reception to meet the incredible spa manager and international team. 

Spacious luxury and Scandinavian design

From the flawless Liv Nordic spa reception I wandered passed the huge gym with vast windows facing out to sea and up the wide, open staircase to my floor. Having never set foot on a cruise ship before, I was surprised to see how long the hallways were, they seemed never ending!

Eventually I found my ‘stateroom,’ the name for a hotel room on a cruise ship. I had expected a small, boxy room akin to hotel rooms in Japan, but it was far more spacious. In keeping with the ship's Norwegian roots, everything was beautifully furnished in blonde wood or soft blue, and a stunning Norweigian blanket was folded over the end of the bed. 

Holistic physiotherapy

Health and wellness was easy to find on Viking sun

Healthy food was easy to find on the Viking Sun, which was the perfect addition to the wellness spa, fitness and therapy options offered at the Liv Nordic Spa (including my sessions of course!) 

The restaurant on the seventh floor offered a huge range of food; my favourites were the fresh berries and yoghurt, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and gluten free toast. The lunch salad bar upstairs on the seventh floor, and gluten free bolognese from Manfredi’s, the Italian restaurant were my favourites. I was thrilled to see how easy the Viking Sun made access to good, nourishing food for each and every guest. For others with coelic disease like myself, Viking SUn even offers gluten free waffles in Mamsen's cafe.

My Holistic Physiotherapy lectures drew a crowd

Over the next three weeks I lectured about my favourite topics to crowds of at least 30 guests. As most of the guests were at least 60 years young, the topics were focused around the wellness of ageing including:

  • Protecting joints as you age
  • 5 easy ways to say strong in daily life
  • How to eat for health
  • 5 stretches you can do to move better
  • The one thing you need to know about back pain

I’m so passionate about the topics above, and after seeing the crowds my lectures drew, it turned out the guests of Viking Sun were too!

I taught morning Pilates classes on the pool deck every few days and I was blown away by how motivated the attendees were. Most were women, in their 60’s and 70’s who had never tried Pilates before, but they attended every class during three weeks. They went from complete beginners to strong side plankers in just three weeks!

I was so inspired by the dedication of the guests. They were so interested to learn how they could continue living well as they aged. 

From private Pilates classes to holistic Physiotherapy sessions, I worked with so many wonderful people on the Viking Sun. I had an exceptional experience on The Viking Sun with Liv Nordic, it was a visiting practitioner posting with a nautical edge. I'm so grateful to the Liv Nordic team for inviting me to join the Viking Sun as a visiting practitioner.

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