Little Known Ways to Hack Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is one of the most common health and wellbeing goals, but so few people manage to make it a lasting reality. This is almost always because they put nasty restrictions on what they can and can’t eat, and end up feeling crappy.

To make themselves feel better, they’ll eat even more unhealthy food, and they’ll continue the cycle. 

how to eat healthy

If weight loss is your goal in 2016 - STOP! 

Studies show that those who prioritise being healthy over weight loss lose more weight long term, and are more likely to keep it off. 

Ditch negative goals

Swap negative goals like “I’ll fit into my skinny jeans in 4 weeks or I won’t eat carbs for a month” and switch your mindset to incorporating healthy, positive goals into your eating.

Swap ‘losing weight’ with ‘being healthy.’

Once you focus on eating healthy food, you’re bound to lose weight anyway!

tips for healthy eating

There are so many ways to eat healthier, but here are just a few hints.

Print off this list and put it on your fridge. Put a tick next to each one when you’ve tried it.

1. Take Mason Jar salads to work for lunch; they're healthy & look beautiful. Layer salad dressing, then legumes, then greens, with tomatoes and nuts on top.

how to make mason jar salads

2. Add super foods to your diet (chia seeds, amaranth, spirulina, psyllium husks)

  -Try adding them to smoothies if you struggle with the texture or taste

3. Add one extra veggie to your dinner every night. Try to aim for three to start, and work your way up to 5.

4. Eat vegetarian meals four out of seven days. Indian, vegetarian dishes are my favourites for hearty meat-free meals.

5. Occasionally swap bread for corn thins or rice crackers.

6. Take bliss balls to work for the 3pm slump instead of coffee.

7. Decrease your coffee intake by one cup a day (if you drink four now, try swapping one coffee for green tea instead - you'll save money too!)

None of the tips above are about limitation or deprivation, they’re about trying new, exciting things to brighten your plate, and give you more energy!

photo: snob fashion blog

photo: snob fashion blog

The best way to eat healthy long term

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