Physiotherapists Are The New Innovators Of The Wellness Industry

When you think about Physiotherapy, you probably imagine limping into a clinic with a sprained ankle, but recently more Physios, like me, are making their mark in the wellness industry. I spoke to Melissa Ingram, Physio and Wellness Consultant at the infamous Golden Door Health Retreat, Elysia, to learn more.

How is Physiotherapy Linked to Wellness?

As a Physio, we undergo two years of gruelling medical school along with cadaver dissection (not for everyone!) followed by two to three more years of full-time rotations in clinics and hospitals. After graduation, we spend a lot of time solving people's problems, helping them understand what’s wrong with them, and convincing patients to do their exercises.

Essentially, we work exactly like a wellness consultant; we assess, educate, inform, and promote habit change.

Thanks to extensive training, Physiotherapists are using their expert knowledge of human anatomy, biochemistry, mechanics and human motivation to enhance the wellness industry.

Physiotherapy & Wellness Expert Melissa Ingram

Like me, Melissa Ingram decided her patients needed a holistic approach to recovery, not simply clinical, so she joined Golden Door health retreat, Elysia, in the Hunter Valley, and hasn’t turned back.

On a daily basis, Melissa works with retreat guests who are on a mission to make themselves better, happier people. She blends her expertise as a Physio, wellness coach and exercise rehabilitation specialist to help them realise what factors may be holding them back; physical, emotional or habitual. After years in the role, Melissa continues to learn and be inspired by her guests:

“I now have a much clearer understanding of how formidable our brains are and how they allow (or prevent) us to live whole lives. This requires a more holistic approach than just traditional Physiotherapy or wellness alone.”

Wellness Meets Science

By blending the two schools of thought, from mindfulness and wellbeing to evidence-based science, Melissa gives people real, meaningful tools to make effective changes in their lives.

Rather than airy fairy wellbeing sessions, Physiotherapists in the wellness industry make wellness both fun and effective thanks to their extensive training and expert people skills.

So! Next time you’re looking for someone to help you live a happier, healthier life, look for a Physiotherapist, like Melissa or myself, who specialises in the wellness industry. You’ll be inspired, refreshed and have lots of laughs along the way while learning meaningful tools to enhance your life.