New Year, New You Wellness Retreat Recap

Queenstown Wellness Retreat

Our retreat last weekend was a huge success! This sold out event at Nugget Point Hotel and Spa blended yoga, Pilates, nutrition, meditation, goal setting and luxury relaxation for an inspiring day.

I was so humbled our guests had flown or driven to the event from all over the country! Women of all ages from Tauranga, Wanaka, Invercargill and locals from Queenstown joined together to learn tips on how to live better in 2016.

Yoga Pilates Fusion class 

I pushed our guests with planks, some tricky core work and difficult balance in the yoga/Pilates fusion class. The retreat was all about starting fresh and achieving goals after all! 

smoothies, nutrition & vegetarian treats

Berry smoothies followed, then our guests were treated to a nutritintion workshop by Michelle of Queenstown Nutrition. They learned how to make matcha smoothies bowls with organic Japanese matcha, a green tea powder with 137 times the antioxidants of green tea! I’m so grateful to Matcha Maiden from Melbourne for sending this superfood to us.

We also learned about the health benefits of fermented food, and tried sauerkraut by Be Nourished. The curry one was my favourite!

Talking about food made the ladies hungry, so it was time for lunch: lentil salad, mesculin and beetroot salad, pumpkin soup and a luxurious cheese board. Aprivé Wellness is all about balance, and treating our guests to a cheese board added a hint of luxury to the day, plus it stayed within our nutrition rule of 80:20. 80% of what you eat should be healthy, and 20% can be a bit naughty!

goal setting & meditation

I led the goal setting session where our guests used the WOOP technique to set an important goal for the year. They locked in their goals by writing them in beautiful 2016 diaries from The Collective Hub. The inspirational messages in their pages are sure to help all the guests stay on track this year.

Meditation on the grass overlooking the Shotover river was the perfect way to unwind and relax, with one of our guests who has a little baby at home falling asleep! She, and all our guests really needed a break, so after meditation they wandered up the sun kissed steps to the stunning Nugget point spa to enjoy the steam room, pool, sauna and hot tub.

Picking up their gift bags with products from Olive Skincare, Global Soap NZ, Matcha Maiden and Chia, each guest hugged me on their way out. I was so flattered with the kind words all the guests uttered as they left, and really hope each felt refreshed and empowered to achieve their goals for 2016.

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