Aprivé Wellness writes for Live the Process

Changing the Gluten-Free Mindset

Aprivé Wellness was asked to write for Live the Process about gluten-free living. Live the Process is an online activewear store with an inspiring, motivational blog, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Their emphasis on living well is exactly in line with Aprivé Wellness' ethos, and this post outlines how to live well with a positive mindset when you're diet is constrained to being gluten-free.

Living gluten-free can leave you feeling isolated and excluded, but it doesn't have to. By changing your mindset; you can be stop substituting your old favourites with new gluten-free versions, and explore all the new, exciting menu options of your diet. A positive change in mindset can be the key in enjoying being gluten-free, rather considering it a burden.

"1. Remember: Gluten-Free Living Is Healthy

Gluten has no business in some foods, but it’s used to “pad out” the product. For instance, wheat is used in most commercial soy sauces, yet traditional soy sauce contains no wheat at all. By cutting out sauces and foods that use gluten to water down the genuine ingredients, you’re consuming food without extra additives.

Still, keep in mind that cheap gluten-free products are often more refined than their wheat-y counterparts. Don’t grab something because the label says “gluten-free.” Check for quality. From experience I can tell you that cheap gluten-free bread is awful, and cheap gluten-free cereal is packed full of sugar. So, make sure to choose good, quality products."

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