Accidentally Anxious Part 1

My article for US activewear and wellness hub Live the Process is live!

Below is the first part of this important article, enjoy!

-Caitlin xo

Although we may not always realize it, many of us are stuck in a cycle of perpetual anxiety.

Between being swamped at work, juggling relationships and trying to maintain our health and well-being, our anxiety rates are increasing—affecting as much as 10 percent of the population in Western countries.

How can we combat this problem?

Our Busy Lifestyles

Everyone is busy. Whether you’re a single, working man juggling dating, friends, the gym and work or a working mum, busy with that set of a million responsibilities, no one has time. Or do we?

Health and wellness thought leaders are pointing to “perceived urgency” as the culprit of anxiety caused by busyness.

Creating endless “to-do” lists, making unrealistic commitments to relationships and friends and trying to cram in too many yoga classes or appointments leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsuccessful because you can’t live up to your own expectations. Add to that the unrealistic demands of bosses and clients based on the trend of “next day delivery” and we’re all left gasping for air. If everything is urgent, nothing can ever be prioritized, and the list is never finished.

Try This: Instead of an endless to-do list, prioritize only three urgent tasks and leave the rest for another day. You’re likely to actually manage that amount of responsibility, which helps relieve the mental stress of a streaming to-do list.

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