Wellness Retreat & Consulting Brand Official Launch

I wrote about our company's launch in my column for Queenstown.com - so it's 100% official - Aprivé Wellness is up and running and already changing the landscape of wellness.  Yay!

Check out the article here

My mission is to make wellness fun and inspiring; plus share evidence-based science to help inform the health and wellbeing choices of people like you. 

I'm no hardcore health nut, but I do have years of education, lifestyle and industry experience to know what health tips are proven and reliable, and which are just passing trends.

I'm so excited to officially launch Aprivé Wellness Ltd. and thank you to everyone who has helped this day happen from my lovely retreat guests to friends, family and mentors in the Physiotherapy and Wellness world. 

At Aprivé Wellness, we have some special projects underway, so subscribe to my list so you'll be the first to know!

Thank you for all your support - Have a happy day!